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Feeling of Flying

I’m not a very sporty person. My eye-body coordination is next to zero. The people who knows me, knows really well – I have slow reflexes and balance problems. Huh, an official “klutz” aka clumsy person.

But that doesn’t mean I never had a sport my whole growing-up years. There is one sport I love when I was a kid and was even chosen to compete for our school. It was track and field.

I was so stick thin and taller than the average at that time (before puberty hits the boys lol). I love running so fast because of the emotion that it gives me. I felt like I’m flying…

Like how the gazelle must feel when running uncontrollably fast in the open field. Looking so graceful and one with the wind. You can feel the soft breeze on your face while you’re cutting through it. It’s almost like jumping for joy. Playing in the mud. Your feet touching the earth. Feeling it, caressing it… loving it.

Loving the feeling, the moment.

I love how my other classmates tried to chase me. But well, they said… “I have long legs” so I got the advantage. My one leap or step is equivalent to their two-three steps. Not sure if that is true.

But my young sprouting career as a runner ended very early before it was ripe (or I even had a chance). It was during my sixth grade, I have to compete against another Elementary school. The running field was insanely muddy after a few crazy days of raining. Still, the show must go on.

I can hear my heart thumping on its cage while anticipating the sound of the toy-gun. The one that tells you, it’s time to run. The competition has begun…

Running as fast as I could, my feet feeling the slippery earth. Being extra careful with each turns. It’s where you can lose your balance the most. I was etching my way slowly to the finishing line. Until two contenders from the same school (by the looks of it). They were running side by side until they find their chance seeing the opening. The next moment, they “sandwiched” me and their presence closing on me made me so momentarily distracted. My legs finally gave in to their trap and fall.

The impact was so strong that my whole body trembled and aching. I was even wearing white shorts and now I look like a swimmer- fresh from the muddy pool. My prized white shorts are now brown. My face looked like I splashed myself with dark chocolate. The audience mostly my age were laughing at me. I can’t blame them, I must have looked really funny. Now, I’m famous for that girl who fell during the running competition. I was leaping the whole week and to top it all, I did get a price. It’s Asthma… lol.

After that, whenever I push myself physically and I get so tired afterwards. I will just wake up at the middle of the night and have a difficulty of breathing and then I will start to cry. It is as if you’ve been running the whole time in your sleep and you’re out of breath. But it won’t stop, you just have to keep catching your breath (for hours). It was so tiring. The whole process. So I’ve been careful with sports or physical exertion from that on. But still wishing that I can feel that kind of ecstasy again… the feeling of flying.

So I tried again and I have found it. I will tell you on my next post. 🙂


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