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California Life in America

Los Angeles 2017

So good to be back! Last time, I have promised to update you guys about our recent Los Angeles trip. I was hoping to write here as soon as I get home. It didn’t happen as I hope it…


Boracay (Part Two)

I know I have promised to share with you our favorite place in the whole island and also where to buy lobsters for excellentΒ deals. My hubby wanted to keep this place as a secret. As a blogger, I have…


Boracay (Part One)

Boracay is known for being one of the most gorgeous white sand beaches in the world. A tropical paradise teeming with palm trees, humming seashells and azure waters. It is my deepest pride to finally be able to write…

Kansas Life in America Oklahoma

Lea Salonga Concert

I’m currently watching Girlboss, so a little distracted haha. I’m kinda have a love/hate relationship with this new show on Netflix. It could sap into your energy because of the very energetic and extroverted protagonist, annoying at times but…

Food Missouri

Kansas City Ribs

It’s about time. Let’s talk about food. Aren’t we crazy about good yummy delicious mouth-watering food? Because I am. People close to me knows how much I love food. I can still surprise my husband how much I can…


New Year + Skydeck Chicago

It was a last minute decision. My husband have some days off before the year ends and because we were invited to celebrate the New Year with the family in Chicago… I said “WHY NOT?” Vamos, let’s go! I…