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    Lea Salonga Concert

    I’m currently watching Girlboss, so a little distracted haha. I’m kinda have a love/hate relationship with this new show on Netflix. It could sap into your energy because of the very…

  • Food Missouri

    Kansas City Ribs

    It’s about time. Let’s talk about food. Aren’t we crazy about good yummy delicious mouth-watering food? Because I am. People close to me knows how much I love food. I can…

  • Food Life in America

    My Food Confession

    Hi everyone, I can’t believe I’ve been living here for TEN MONTHS now. Whooah. Scary or what? It feels like it was only yesterday when I arrived. But I truly can feel…

  • Cafe Gratitude

    I am grateful for

    This is only the first of many. I am so excited to finally make this list. I have to admit, I have attempted to do this activity before. When you are…

  • Cafe Gratitude

    Cafe Gratitude

    I can’t wait to start this blog segment. When the idea first hit me, my fingers were itching to put them into paper and to materialize them here on my blog.…

  • Life in America

    Weekend Adventure

    Life is a road.  Life’s twists and turns and chance encounters. We have our own individual unique journey. But there are paths that meant to cross each other or they did accidentally. Then…