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Illinois United States

Shedd Aquarium

Our last trip in Chicago may be quick but it is something that both of us will never forget. Two days we spent there felt like a week. If they said that time goes fast when you’re having fun.…

Illinois United States

Navy Pier + Centennial Wheel

Happy to be back in Chicago. This place feels like home to us. Maybe because my husband’s parents came from this city (my husband have been here for gazillion times) and as for me, the closest Philippine embassy is…

Life in America


MONDAY AUGUST 21, 2017ย  Skies darkened to show the magnificence of nature, the brilliance of science and THE all-encompassing beauty of cosmos commanding our attention. Who we are to ignore it? There is no way I can describe the…

California Life in America

Los Angeles 2017

So good to be back! Last time, I have promised to update you guys about our recent Los Angeles trip. I was hoping to write here as soon as I get home. It didn’t happen as I hope it…

Life in America

One year in the USA

Finally, I have come this far. It is June 9 today and that only means one thing for me. I’m officially living here in the United States for a year now.ย …


Boracay (Part Two)

I know I have promised to share with you our favorite place in the whole island and also where to buy lobsters for excellentย deals. My hubby wanted to keep this place as a secret. As a blogger, I have…


Boracay (Part One)

Boracay is known for being one of the most gorgeous white sand beaches in the world. A tropical paradise teeming with palm trees, humming seashells and azure waters. It is my deepest pride to finally be able to write…