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    Anna's Unicorns

    INFJ or INFP? The deal-breaker

    For the last time, are you an INFJ or INFP?

    I know that before coming here, you probably have read a lot of related articles regarding this and to no avail, still end up confused, more frustrated and this is why you are here.

    I have written a similar post previously but I wasn’t able to simplify things enough. I will use a different approach this time. Hopefully, I will show the light and lead you to the end of the tunnel of confusion.

    Did you test INFJ many times then at one time got a different result which is INFP or vice versa? Do not fret, I have experience the same thing. You are not alone. There are many of us. Continue Reading

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    The True Cost

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    INFJ and Writing

    Writing is my first love. My best friend. We have a long history together. It wasn’t a surprise when I learned about my MBTI, a year and a half ago… that…

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    There is 7.4 billion of us in the world but why do we sometimes feel alone, out of place or different than others and to put it bluntly so misunderstood by…

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    Secrets of InnSæi

    These past few weeks, I’ve noticed that instead of being a participant in my life. I am becoming more and more of an “observer” each day and I know we all…