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    Anna's Unicorns

    What it’s like: INFJ-INFJ Relationship

    “All we really want is to sit with you on a cozy couch with a coffee in our hand and talk deeply about whatever you want, for hours… but for now let’s start talking about the universe.

    INFJ’s are known to be passionate lovers, typically described as hopeless romantics, we may be a favorite subject by authors in their deep seated fantasies and their wild beautiful minds created these fictional characters that celebrates that undying love… stories that take our breath away and believe that all is well in the world. Continue Reading

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    The True Cost

    So yesterday, I’ve watched ONEΒ of the best documentaries that broke my heart into million little pieces. It completely blew me away. It shows the very ugly side of FASHION. Not a…

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    INFJ and Writing

    Writing is my first love. My best friend. We have a long history together. It wasn’t a surprise when I learned about my MBTI, a year and a half ago… that…

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    There is 7.4 billion of us in the world but why do we sometimes feel alone, out of place or different than others and to put it bluntly so misunderstood by…

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    Secrets of InnSæi

    These past few weeks, I’ve noticed that instead of being a participant in my life. I am becoming more and more of an “observer” each day and I know we all…

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    Why I quit Facebook?

    I’m living here for almost 8 months now. Whoah- time is flying by so fast. I shouldn’t be surprised… but still I am. I know we all can relate to each…