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Kansas City Ribs

It’s about time. Let’s talk about food.

Aren’t we crazy about good yummy delicious mouth-watering food?

Because I am.

People close to me knows how much I love food. I can still surprise my husband how much I can eat. To think I have smaller body than him but I can eat like a cave man lol.

So we are here to talk about Kansas City specialty which is RIBS. 

Every region or city or town has their own specialties. In the Philippines, where I grew up my entire life. My town specialty is grilled “Pantat” or Catfish (one of my old time favorites.)

Here in Midwest in the United States, they are known for their good meat especially with beef. When me and my boyfriend then (now my husband) were just chatting online and talking about food. Like I have been asking him his favorites. He couldn’t help mentioning about ribs (which as a Filipina, I am not really that familiar with).

So I can’t wait to have my taste buds on it. Well, it looks so good even in pictures. I’m also a meat lover although I consider myself more of a chicken person but well- ribs looks so amazingly delicious.

On our flight home from Los Angeles (my point of entry). I already told my husband to call and order from the restaurant and take note this is even before our plane takes off lol. Apparently, the place is so famous for their ribs that there is always a big crowd and a long waiting line. It could take hours sometimes if you want to eat in the place.

If you call for a take-out, it will only take from fifteen to thirty minutes to get your order which is a whole lot faster.

That’s me fresh from the airport to get our take-out dinner.

Originally, it’s called Oklahoma Joe’s but now it’s called “Kansas City Joe’s” is just one of the places in Kansas City that offers and specializes in ribs. The whole city is globally famous for its delicious ribs. Kansas Citians can even argue which ones the best for them because it really differs.

For me, they are equally good. However, my husband’s favorite is Kansas City Joe’s which is also listed in the “13 Places to Eat Before you Die” by Anthony Bourdain. A world-traveler and a renowned chef. Also known for his TV shows “No Reservations” and my personal favorite “Parts Unknown” which talks about food and travel (even politics). So he really knows what he is saying. 🙂

That’s why we have only eaten there once. It was during Christmas holiday and most people were at home. Lol, lucky for us. The place is so well-known that it was attracting a lot of tourists and they are always crowded and busy in most days.

Also, interesting trivia: the place wasn’t originally a barbecue or ribs restaurant. Do you want to guess what it was?

Well, here it is. It was a gasoline station. Actually, it still is.

The owner just expanded a bit and started selling for ribs but it was so well-liked or loved that the place looks like a hybrid of a restaurant like an American casual diner and a gasoline station with a retail store as well.

It is just delectably good. I felt so lucky that from all of the cities or states. My husband happened to be living here. He couldn’t have picked any better place. I love Kansas City ribs so much. It’s one of my top American favorite food. This and medium-rare steak. 🙂

Also, why it is so good, so soft, tender, tasty and just mouth watering? Well, it is because it’s not easy to make it. The cooking procedure is done through smoking. The meat is smoked in a low heat for many hours. We have no idea how long exactly. It could be more than eight hours or the whole night or night and day. I guess the longer, the softer and tastier it gets. Like how you do with slow cooking in a crock pot. The protein breaks down with the low heat for long hours.

It is also smoked using a really fragrant fruit tree. Not sure what it is exactly. It’s their secret lol.

It is only less than twenty dollars but it’s already a lot for two people.

Their specialty sauce is also really good. It’s a bit sour with a hint of vinegar but very appetizing and perfect for the ribs.

Kansas City Ribs is also attracting major influential and famous people like the former President Obama who couldn’t resist not eating this yummy treat.

I got these two pictures of him from Google. He spent the Father’s Day eating the best ribs in the country.

It is true that we would sometimes not realize what we are missing if we haven’t experience it yet. I have no idea how good and delicious these ribs are until I finally get my hands on them. Since then… I am one of its biggest fan and they can count on me in spreading the word of how good they are.

Bon Appetit!


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