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Green Card + Vietnamese Food

Hey you guys! I know, it has been a long while. I’ve been gone because life has been so good to me. We can say, lots of happenings lately.

I’m not even so sure where to start but the biggest news is… taadaa, my green card is here!

I am officially approved to stay here in the United States as a permanent resident now. The “limbo” is over, as you may call it. Now, I can breathe and be merry. Worrying stage is over and more to focusing on really living now.

What I meant by that is, we can travel local and internationally without worrying if I can get back to the US. Also, that means I will focus my energy on achieving things that makes me more an American now (because I will be one someday real soon). Things I’ve always dreamed to do but never got a chance before. US is the land of opportunities, so might as well… 😛

Being American means a lot to many people. But first, let me say that “American” is a nationality. This is a land where melting pot happens immensely. It is experimental, almost. I see United States as a country that always dares to go FORWARD. The Pioneers.

Like any other country, it isn’t perfect but I am a person who chooses to see the bright side. So it may have faults too but the people living here believes in dreams, working hard for it and have hopes for the future. The mentality has a big difference compared to the culture I grew up with. Here, they act and try to do something, get involved especially in making the world a better place. They let their voice heard and not afraid to speak up. That is very refreshing to me.

Anyways, this is me when I received the mail with my green card in it. I wasn’t interviewed and just got the email that my card is in production and that my green card application has been approved. I was screaming for joy and literally jumping… even strutted a few dancing moves because of all the pent up energy for months that I’ve been carrying. I tell you, it feels great to be FREE…. hahaha.

April 14, 2017 Approval and Card Production Notice by Email
April 21, 2017 Received the Card by Mail (in exactly 1 week)  

So that night, we went out and celebrate in one of my “happy places”. I think you already have an idea where. Yep, in a Vietnamese restaurant.

I will let the pictures do the talking.

Nguyen pho+grill is located in the City Market. It is 10-15 minutes ride from our house. Here are the pictures of my favorites. Grilled Chicken and of course PHO (Faa) !

My husband ordered this one… which has lots of yummy stuff in it without the broth. You eat them with plain noodles… it serves as the rice for you Filipinos out there reading this.

 This one is a soup that has a blood jelly-like cubes in it. Anthony Bourdain even featured this one in Parts Unknown when he went to Vietnam and claimed that this is one of his favorites. My hubby loves this one than Pho.

I am still loyal to Pho though and one of my top favorites.

You might be wondering why I love Vietnamese food. It is because it reminds me of my own Filipino food. There’s no Filipino restaurants around our area. The closest I can have to our flavors is in a Vietnamese restaurant especially their grilled chicken which I usually ordered.

I came from the province of Iloilo in the Philippines and our specialty there is the grilled chicken or “Inasal”. I’m currently having a hard time to cook it on my own especially our griller is broken lol. But Vietnamese restaurant is there offering almost the same flavors and I love the PHO. The first time you taste it, it’s like where have you been hiding my whole life… (swear, I’m not remotely joking!)

Also, we have our specialty noodle soup too in Iloilo which is “Batchoy”. It is nothing like Pho but well they are kinda close to each other for me (I know it doesn’t make sense). It could just be the nostalgia. Trying to fill the void by the other… 😛

Now, that I have my green card. Me and my husband have been making plans lately. So it’s going to be a pretty busy year for the most part by the looks of it. Hahaha.

That’s it for now, folks!


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  • Reply
    June 8, 2017 at 7:06 pm

    Yay! I’m so happy you got your Green Card, Anna! <3
    Also, all of this Vietnamese food is making me so hungry. I'm glad you celebrated in style with awesome food and great company!
    And lots of plans for the rest of the year now?! Do tell! I'm curious to see and hopefully hear all about your new adventures now 😀

    • Reply
      June 8, 2017 at 7:22 pm

      Thanks so much, Marie! ❤️ Their Pho is amazing! Haha. Oh, yep. Finally, we can travel now. Plans are being finalized. Actually, tomorrow we are going to LA exactly after a year. Last time, we’ve been there I arrived in US for the first time. LA was my port of entry. I am so excited. I will be blogging about it in a couple of days hehe. Hoping I can blog more often now. Again, thank you! You are so kind! 😊❤️❤️

      • Reply
        June 9, 2017 at 5:28 pm

        Ohhh this is so great! It will be awesome to be in L.A again, I’m sure ❤️ I can’t wait to read your blog post about it. I would love to go there someday ❤️

        • Reply
          June 9, 2017 at 7:36 pm

          It is a lovely city. Huge but I love the beaches lol. It has a different vibe. We will be flying tonight. I have no doubts you can visit it someday. <3 Enjoy your night! Take care always! <3

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