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Food Life in America

Green Card + Vietnamese Food

Hey you guys! I know, it has been a long while. I’ve been gone because life has been so good to me. We can say, lots of happenings lately.

I’m not even so sure where to start but the biggest news is… taadaa, my green card is here!

I am officially approved to stay here in the United States as a permanent resident now. The “limbo” is over, as you may call it. Now, I can breathe and be merry. Worrying stage is over and more to focusing on really living now. Continue Reading

Food Missouri

Kansas City Ribs

It’s about time. Let’s talk about food. Aren’t we crazy about good yummy delicious mouth-watering food? Because I am. People close to me knows how much I love food. I can still surprise my husband how much I can…

Food Life in America

My Food Confession

Hi everyone, I can’t believe I’ve been living here for TEN MONTHS now. Whooah. Scary or what? It feels like it was only yesterday when I arrived. But I truly can feel the difference. I have adjusted to a lot…


Christmas Cookie Baking Marathon!

Last weekend was a blast. We woke up late but it didn’t stop us from being productive the rest of the day. Baking cookies a week before Christmas is an old time favorite tradition of my husband. He calls…


LaMar’s Donuts

I remember back in the Philippines, I kept asking my boyfriend then (now my husband) what is his favorite donuts as I was craving for Krispy Kremes at that time. I have expected for him to say the same…