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    New Year + Skydeck Chicago

    It was a last minute decision. My husband have some days off before the year ends and because we were invited to celebrate the New Year with the family in Chicago… I said “WHY NOT?” Vamos, let’s go!

    I also know there is a Jollibee branch somewhere in Chicago. It has already been 6 months and I am kinda missing my go-to food in the Philippines, the very nostalgic “Chicken Joy”. There’s only a few branches of Jollibee in the whole of US (our city doesn’t have one). So might as well take this opportunity to visit the place.

    I also want to experience how the New Year is celebrated here in the US and the more family members the better. This time it’s my husband’s mother side and I am looking forward to knowing them better (the last time I saw them was at the wedding).  Continue Reading