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I am grateful for

This is only the first of many. I am so excited to finally make this list. I have to admit, I have attempted to do this activity before. When you are kinda depressed, it is hard to find an inspiration to sit and think what makes you happy or what you’re grateful about.

We have to remember. These lists shouldn’t be about grand, fancy, big things. It could be just as simple as a beauty of a flower, the sight of the sea or a beautiful sunset. The smell of ocean. The sound of rain and thunder. Food. Water. Air. Anything.

So here is my “Gratitude List”

I am grateful for:

  • Seeing my husband first thing in the morning. 
  • Coffee. Always. 
  • The seeds we have planted a few weeks ago are now sprouting and looking so alive and healthy.
  • We bought bikes a few weeks ago. 
  • My bike has a mint and chocolate brown colors. I love it. 
  • Tonight, we will be watching Beauty and the Beast in the theater. (Maybe I will order fries, let’s see.) I am so excited. I am a big fan of Emma Watson.  
  • Talking to my parents in the morning online. Seeing their faces and hearing their voices completes my day. 
  • I love our city. 
  • I love where our house is located and it’s near to the places I like (Cliff Drive and City Market).
  • I have a very nice family in law. I love them! 
  • I have a lot of books that I love to read.
  • Two bookshelves are full. 

  • New vacuum cleaner because Ranger’s fur period. 
  • I enjoy watching the TV show NOVA
  • The Public Library is amazing! 
  • I can finally cook or bake the recipes I like. 
  • Fast Internet
  • I can eat crabs anytime.. yummm!
  • Smores + bonfires 
  • Sweaters
  • Cozy home and candles
  • Pens and papers
  • My blog for finally existing  (and knowing now how to navigate)

Spring is here! 


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