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Weekend Adventure

Life is a road. 

Life’s twists and turns and chance encounters. We have our own individual unique journey. But there are paths that meant to cross each other or they did accidentally. Then they went into the same direction. Intertwined. Now, holding hands and happy hearts humming.

That’s our story.

Last winter, I asked my husband if we can buy bikes. I always have this little dream with me. Owning a bike with a basket, trudging a picturesque hills and finally have a picnic on a nearby lake. Simple yet very dreamy.

So last Saturday, it finally happened. We didn’t have a picnic yet and my bike doesn’t have the basket either. But we spent the Saturday afternoon, trudging on the hills, picturesque… yes. But my aching legs tells me my dream in real life is far from dreamy.

No one told me that going up a hill riding a bike can be this painful. I love biking. I did a lot of biking when I was a kid. My province in the Philippines is mostly flat surface though. Not much of a hills unlike where I am living now. It’s a city but it’s hilly.

I end up spending the rest of the night and Sunday mostly in the couch because my legs are like jello, it’s hard to walk for like a day. Not that I’m complaining (maybe a little bit).

We usually woke up on weekends late like around ten or eleven in the morning. We only drinks coffee around lunchtime and it kinda suppresses the appetite. So we end up eating late lunch or late dinner. Lol.

So we started biking around one in the afternoon with only coffee as our “brunch”. I forgot to bring water and so this really became an adventure. The bike trail we are heading is only 5 minutes away from us. Yes, it’s just like around the corner. It starts from the nearby park and then going down on the side of the cliff thus it’s called “Cliff Drive”.On weekends, this trail is only open for bikes and pedestrians looking for spectacular views while “exercising”. So you can see why this is a favorite spot for bikers, runners and whatnot. Not only it’s safe but it’s also very picturesque- like you’re in the countryside. It’s on the side of the cliff with nearly five miles of paved road that winds around beautiful rock formations and generous abundance of trees. This is one of the reasons why I love this city. My husband could not have picked better. Hmm, maybe except Paris? Lol. The trail is surrounded with so many trees although they are still a bit hibernating but I’m sure the next time we are there, they are in full bloom because officially- spring is here. The cliff is towering the industrial stores, there are also few factories but the honking of passing trains and the scenic view of the Missouri River will surely delight you. It’s a lush forested spot in the heart of the city.

Not only that you can bike, jog or run. But talking about the beautiful rocks… here, you can do almost endless.Five miles is a lot if you haven’t eaten anything. To tell you, we cycled more than two rounds. So I was really thirsty and hungry and my legs was slowly killing me. When coffee wears off, brace yourself. That gnawing hunger… I was ravenous.

So we worked slowly on our way going home. It felt like years doing that. We dreaded going up the hills. So we end up taking a lot of breaks. Pausing from one beautiful spot to another. That’s enough to ease the hunger and thirst at least for a short moment.   I have really enjoyed our weekend. Next time, I will be more prepared though. I am sure it is normal to feel pain after being sedentary a lot lately. So I will not let it discourage me. 

So instead of being a cry baby. I will do it all over again this coming weekend. I will face this challenge this time with a big smile and a pocketful of sunshine (right attitude). Most of all, it is comforting knowing I am not doing this alone. I have been blessed to have a company in this journey. My best friend, soulmate and my husband. Someone who doesn’t complain even he was thirsty, hungry and tired like myself.

This is spring. The joyous season of life. A time to go out more, to breathe the flowery air, listening to the songs of the mating birds lovemaking, the soft whistling of the springing baby leaves. It is a gift.

The gift of little things. A gift of life. A gift from the mother nature. Like this tiny beautiful yellow flower I have on my hand. It’s a symbol of friendship and it is for you, comrade. Take it…

Together, we will have endless adventures. No matter how mundane they may be. If life is a road, life is also a beautiful adventure.




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    March 22, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    This was such a lovely post to read, Anna 🙂 I love adventures and little trips just as well, even if it’s just to take the bike for a while and ride, it’s such a great feeling to be able to move and discover new places this way. Your pictures are really beautiful! 🙂

    • Reply
      March 22, 2017 at 8:29 pm

      Thank you so much Marie. ? I will take more pictures this coming Saturday esp. of the Missouri River from the cliffside. There is really something very therapeutic with biking or riding. It helps with overthinking sometimes.. going out & breathing fresh air. ?❤

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