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Lea Salonga Concert

I’m currently watching Girlboss, so a little distracted haha. I’m kinda have a love/hate relationship with this new show on Netflix. It could sap into your energy because of the very energetic and extroverted protagonist, annoying at times but also has its good moments. I like the online business side of it which is based in real life of Sophia Amoruso.

This blog post though is about the phenomenal concert me and my husband attended just very recently. I consider myself a big fan of Lea Salonga. If you’re a Filipino, it is almost impossible for you not to know her. It’s like have you been hiding your whole life inside the caves. Lol. She is a household name when you’re in the Philippines and also one of our deepest pride.

It is not only Filipinos who adores her, she made a name for herself in the world of Broadway or theaters. She was discovered when she was only a teenager and was chosen to play the role of Kim, the protagonist in Miss Saigon. She is also the first Asian to portray the roles of Eponine and Fantine in the musical Les Miserables.

This is what I love most about her and also her favorite title (she said that during the concert). Voila! She is an official Disney princess. Known for her “golden voice” she was chosen to sing Mulan’s “Reflection” and my favorite “A Whole New World” as Jasmine in Disney Aladdin.

Alright, before I dive in and show you her amazing pictures from the concert. This is too funny not to share, a little background story… the “before scenes”.

I was reading at that time when it happened. I was startled because the printer made sounds and I was like what is happening… I’m not printing anything, so why? I even thought there might be a ghost playing with the printer to scare me.

So I came to the printer up close to check what was really happening and I was so surprised that there ‘s a text on the pages. It all made sense when I read it. Lol. My husband just surprised me by buying us tickets for the concert. I didn’t know there is such thing as Google Cloud Print. My husband was at work when he booked the hotel and purchased tickets for the concert then printed them at home.

Okay. Time for some MAJOR eye candies.

The concert is in Mitchell Hall Theatre, University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, a part of Oklahoma City.

Drum rolls please!!!

For the first part of the concert she wore a black suit. Her first song is from Disney Hercules “I can go the distance”. It was pretty emotional for me to finally see her and hear her sing live.

The first song also means a lot to me. It is like the theme song of my dreams literally and figuratively. Growing up in a small town in a province in the Philippines. I know how exactly it felt like wanting to see the world but also clueless on how to make it happen. This song is so inspiring for dreamers like me.

She got me teary eyed when she sang Mulan’s Reflection. I think every Asian can relate to this song. So many expectations from the society, juggling different roles like as a daughter and especially if you’re the eldest, even in modern times. Don’t even let me start. Haha.

So it’s hard to take pictures inside the theater (it’s dark). You don’t want to cause any distraction from the light of your camera. She made us turn off the flash of our phones and camera but she is so nice and still allowed us. But of course you should do it minimally. Hey- you should enjoy the show. It’s not a photo shoot lol.

She sang Hamilton’s “Burned” and it was crazy good and I am also pretty emotional when I heard her sing “I Dreamed a Dream” and “On my Own” for those Les Miserables fans out there. When I was younger and single lol, those were my go to songs especially when you feel like your soulmate is nowhere to be found lol. Is “he got stuck on a traffic” kind of thing. Haha.

It was a dream come true for me. My spirit feels like soaring in the galaxy when she sang my favorite “A Whole New World” with that golden voice of hers. Her voice is so crystal clear… like a mermaid but better. It’s too good to be true. It didn’t feel like I was there. I was there but it’s like my body and soul is divided. It sorta floated lol. Is this what you call enlightenment? Haha. I am over-reacting here. It’s truly one of my unforgettable nights. Did I mention that this is my first official concert that I’ve attended? Well, at least now you know. 😛

One word to describe the whole experience… “Magical!” I have to pinch myself the whole night just so I can remind myself… it’s real.

She is phenomenal and one of the best artists in our time. I am so lucky to be able to watch her. I swear a lot of Filipinos would die to have my seat. Haha.

As you can see, they were lots of Filipinos who went to see the concert and like me they drove for hours from different states all over the US. We do not want to miss the event. Although, the whole event was organized and made possible by the college students of the Arts from University of Central Oklahoma and even offered us free food from their Alumni Association. Love those popcorn and biscuits hehe.

It is also my first time to visit the state of Oklahoma. We drove for 6-7 hours from Kansas City to see the show. Stayed there overnight and had a big breakfast before hitting the road again going home. It was a fun road trip basically I love the snacks we brought with us too hehe.

The Windmills Farm is such a treat. They were gigantic, they just kinda look small in the picture lol. Yep, cloudy gray sky because well- it’s spring.

My husband chose the scenic route of Kansas, known for its Flint Hills and showcasing the “Great Plains” of the US. It is very much worth a trip.

I’m the Queen of the World. Just kidding hahaha. Just enjoying the cool strong winds. 😛

That and I am just plain happy!


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  • Reply
    May 12, 2017 at 6:14 pm

    Best concert ever! Hope you enjoy your stay in Oklahoma! And the drive through Flint Hills.

    If you haven’t been, you should visit Precious Moments in Carthage, MO. The chapel door is from our homeland and there’s a collection of paintings in capiz. Pretty cool.


    • Reply
      May 13, 2017 at 3:52 pm

      Thanks so much Jen! I have truly enjoyed our quick trip. Ooh, that sounds amazing. I love Precious Moments, just mentioned it to my hubby. He knows where it is. Will surely visit next time when we get a chance. 🙂 Have a great weekend! ❤

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