Boracay (Part Two)

I know I have promised to share with you our favorite place in the whole island and also where to buy lobsters for excellent deals. My hubby wanted to keep this place as a secret. As a blogger, I have decided otherwise haha. But before that, let me give you a swift tour of Boracay. You deserve some serious sightseeing. 


Boracay is not only known for its white sand beaches but also its buzzing night life. You will find yourself more enthralled and awake (without the help of coffee). There was this enchanting spell that engulfed the evening air. You will know your fun is just starting.



The bright lights and fiery dancers are hard to resist, the soothing waves and booming (beach) music are too good for the ears. Your bum will sway and follow the rhythm of the land. If that happens, don’t blame me. I know you want it. You can see the other side and charm of the paradise that you haven’t seen before.

There is D’mall in Station 2 for night shoppers and amazing food stalls for foodies out there. Also pub crawls have been taken really seriously in a whole new level and not suitable for the faint of heart (I’ve warned you), they even included a boat party and unlimited drinks ( woohoo! ). I had some strawberry mojito and sat lazily on the beach floor. It was a fun night indeed.

I still love shopping in the morning though for souvenirs, unique items and of course clothes. You need better eyesight for that lol. Lots of stores and stalls to choose from, it was dizzying. Be sure to shop at your own risk because you just wanna buy all of them.

Lots of cool (and very odd) items lol. You can find the mundane items as well- accessories like bracelets and necklaces mostly made up of seashells that the locals made perfectly as gift items or to complete your tropical princess look. Or maybe for your total transformation in becoming a mermaid.

Luckily, I have spotted a few who have been washed up on the shores of Boracay lol.

Boracay is the only place in the world who offers a Mermaid Swimming Academy and you get to be mermaids as long as you want for a fee. Not too bad, be sure to work your tails and shine your scales lovelies and swim at your heart content. 🙂

There are lots of activities in the island during the day from boating that I have previously mentioned to more adventurous activities like surfing, windsurfing, kite-surfing, scuba and snorkeling and the recent favorite is cliff jumping especially in Ariel’s point which I haven’t done yet. I’m not sure if I will ever do it haha. Too extreme for me.

( I have taken this picture above from google)

Time for some mouth-watering (buttered) lobsters.

If you haven’t been to D’Talipapa Market in Boracay yet then you should start walking now. You can see many different types of seafood, your eyes will spin with the lots of them, alive and fresh, huge and rich. Super seafood galore! Crabs, lobsters, scallops, squids, shrimps etc. Be sure to haggle with the local vendors. If you’re good at it, you will have seemingly expensive seafood for cheaper prices (than what the hotels offer and bigger servings too). Please respect the local vendors (this is their livelihood) just try to make a good bargain. Prices should be right and everyone should be happy.

When you bought your chosen seafood, the vendor will usually ask you if you want it chop and cook right there and then in the nearby local restaurants, surrounding the D’talipapa for a price (very worth it). These are very casual restaurants but they cook the seafood really well, you can request however you want them cook. We chose to have chili crabs, garlic and buttered shrimps and lobsters. We paid a lot less than you we should (compared to the nearest fancy hotel in the island) at around 3,000-4,500 pesos for 9 persons. It was a lot of food. #happytummies

1 Kilo for Male Crab 2 pcs is around Php 550 and the female crab is around Php 700.

Lobster will depend on the type but it can usually run from Php 2,000-2,500 for 2-3 pieces (haggle well with this one).

Paluto or cooking fee is affordable at around 200 for chili sauce crab and lobster and 150 for buttered shrimp. It will depend greatly, look for the nearby restaurant who can offer you cheaper prices. Just ask and let them know you are not giving in if the price isn’t right. It should be around PHP 100-200 per dish/plate. Lobsters and crabs have higher cooking fee than other seafood.

Over-all buying your own seafood, have them cooked fresh with bigger serving sizes are excellent deals. It takes a bit of a bargaining power or skill but it will be worth it. It was a very heavenly, enjoyable and scrumptious dinner. This is my hubby’s favorite place to eat in the whole island. I bet it was because of the whole experience. A night for us to always remember.

Mornings are usually the time to do something brave and adventurous. Something totally out of your comfort zone. This time we decided to fly hehe.

Parasailing is only one of the cool, simple and fun activities you can experience in the island. There’s more like banana boating, jet-skis and helmet diving. I did all three with the exception of helmet diving but it is definitely on my list on our next visit.

Lastly, me and my husband’s favorite place in Boracay. It was surely a hidden gem, an isolated place with a surreal beach front-view, amazing food and unbelievable ambiance almost unearthly. You feel like your whisked away in a far and exciting island where it’s just the two of you existing. Taking your sweet time observing the world. You wish time will stop there and just admire the sea forever with its splendid (exotic) azure beauty.

Spider House 

It’s beautifully yet strategically hidden. You have to look for it and only the chosen ones have been given the access haha. Kidding. It’s a little long ways. You have to hike, walk a bit and be patient. Go first to Station 1, keep going (walk to your right) until the landscape is slowly changing (becoming more hilly, rockier). Just keep walking, there will be signs thrown on your way. “Enjoy the journey and enjoy the destination more.” For me, this is the perfect slogan for Spider House.

Don’t forget to pick up some gorgeous seashells and have photo-shoots lol.

You know you’re close when you see this. Spider House is around there somewhere at the side of the hill.

Finally, you have arrived. Welcome to your final destination! Sit back, relax and eat! 

I’m in it for food and some vitamin sea!

We had a lovely breakfast there one morning. It was one of the best moments we had in the island.

To end my Boracay post, I will share a few moments we had when we were sailing through the sunset. For the privacy of my husband and my family, you will only see my pictures lol. That was one of the best boating experience we had so far. It was magical. I’ve never been this grateful in my life. I guess, from now on… I will be forever grateful. Meeting my soulmate, showing him around my beautiful country and about to get married with him in 6 months (that time – this happened last December 2015). What could I ask for? 🙂 I am just so content in life, love and everything. Life is good.

I know, major throwback post right? haha. That was two years ago.

I didn’t know that it only takes one day to change and flip everything in my life. I had been seriously depressed and lost. 2015 was the roughest year of my life but also I didn’t let it break me. I slowly picked up myself and embraced healing. And so before the year ended, 2015 gave me the most wonderful gift that forever changed the course of my life. I met my soulmate that year and married him the next year lol. Sometimes things can just looks awry and hopeless but if you keep hanging on, it actually gets better.

It’s like planting seeds to your garden. You have to wait and just believe that wonderful things can happen anytime. “THEY” needs to grow like beautiful flowers. The first 2-3 weeks, nothing seems to happen but the next time you look: you will be surprised.

I can’t believe I’m here living in the US for a year now. Our first wedding anniversary will be also very soon. I guess, time ticks so fast when you’re just enjoying living. Having a soulmate to live with can definitely do wonders with time. It pauses and also runs like crazy.

That’s life and life is good.


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