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Los Angeles 2017

So good to be back!

Last time, I have promised to update you guys about our recent Los Angeles trip.

I was hoping to write here as soon as I get home. It didn’t happen as I hope it would be but better late than never. <3 

Then our first wedding anniversary also happened. <3 We have two wedding dates, the first one was June 23 (Civil Wedding). Our favorite day because it’s the date when we first met. The other one was happily shared with family and friends. A church wedding on the 10th of July last year. Set in a beautiful glass chapel in the middle of the woods.

Anyway, back to the real subject. ^^

We went to Los Angeles because my husband was assigned there to work on something for a week. We have a weekend to enjoy. The most amazing part is: we came there exactly after one year when I first set my foot on the American soil. It was 9th of June last year from Cebu, Philippines when I had a direct flight via Philippine Airlines to Los Angeles, USA.

This year, in the 9th of June. I found myself flying with my husband from our home in Kansas City to Los Angeles. It was purely a coincidence. The dates simply aligned. It just sort of happened on exactly the same dates.

Day One in the USA vs One Year in the USA

As you can see, it’s a special place for me because tadaaa it’s my port of entry. You only get that once in life lol. This is how I’m going to explain it. Los Angeles is like the Ellis Island for me and Huntington Beach is like my Statue of Liberty for those who are familiar of the huge immigration that happened in the past decades especially the ones from Europe. And yes, I am happy to be called FOB or Fresh Off the Boat as you may call it.

It was odd to see Los Angeles now in a different set of eyes. With one year of living in the United States, I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore. It looks exactly like the Los Angeles I’ve seen one year before but this time it’s vastly familiar like you feel at home. Nothing like the feeling I had the first time I see it. It was when I had my first impression of the United States.

Everything looks fancy. Spacious. Big. New. Expensive. Clean. 

That was my first impression and it’s not a surprise for someone who came from a small town in the province of Iloilo in the Philippines.

I clearly remember, my husband told me that our home in the Midwest is different. First, a lot less people and more quiet. Los Angeles has that Manila feel to me but just highly upscale or high-end. So many cars and we had fun riding in Uber from one destination to another. The place is vibrant and diverse like a melting pot of beautiful people from different parts of the world.

Your eyes will also feasts the beautiful front lawns or gardens that are worthy to be envious about and pretty towering palm trees which is the signature of Los Angeles if you ask me. I totally enjoyed looking at the plants that I’ve never seen before. Los Angeles has also a beautiful climate which is why it is so famous and became the heart of Hollywood.

Believe me when I say, most of the Hollywood movies or American TV shows were shot in California especially in Los Angeles. For example, the famous and my favorites Gilmore Girls and FRIENDS are actually shot there. I thought they were in the East coast but nah… it’s mostly in Hollywood. So when you’re there, expect you will see familiar places sort of like a dejavu that you’ve already seen it lol. Big chance, you do because it was in a scene somewhere. Like in Huntington Beach Pier…

Also, I’ve spotted a lot of Filipinos, I don’t even need to go out from the hotel to see one lol. They are everywhere. Listening to them is music to my ears because they speak Tagalog and it’s a rarity to me now. An enormous city with a lot of attractions from beautiful beaches (each has its own charm and vibes) to Disneyland and don’t even get me start with Hollywood.

In fact, it’s the second biggest city in the whole of United States next to New York. Hopping from one spot to another is tricky…  time-wise. Each drive is around 30 minutes to one hour. Traffic can be like in Manila just wider roads and organized. You have to at least have an itinerary if you go there and wants to see a lot of places. If not, be spontaneous and soak up the vibes.

Or you can be like us. If you are into beaches like I do. Make it a priority to visit Huntington Beach, Venice Beach or Newport Beach. There’s a lot of beaches to choose from but so far those are the ones I’ve seen and I guarantee they are worth to visit. Oh, the beaches here are chilly. Be sure to have a jacket especially at night. If you don’t mind the cold ocean water, have a dip or swim and of course have fun.

I also love the beaches in this side of the world because it’s facing my home country – just an ocean away lol. Hawaii is somewhere in the middle of course but I think you get what I mean when you look at the map. <3

I had a blast on my first year living in the United States. It was more amazing that I get and had a chance to celebrate it in the place where it all started for me. My journey and life as a newly immigrant and especially as a Filipina living in the United States. The next entries will be more about our experience and travel. Starting from Huntington Beach to Balboa Island and Newport Beach. Might as well throw there our food trip in Jollibee and Max Restaurant because I miss the Filipino food so damn much.

Cheers to more happy days and adventures!






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