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Lake Michigan + Speed Boating

If you visited the city of Chicago. I know you couldn’t resist to get a glimpse of The Lake Michigan. I should warn you of its charms and like the ocean, it has its sneaky ways of pulling you. That voice telling you, “come hither” then you just couldn’t say no. Bend the knees, my comrades! Kidding…

The first time I’ve seen it. I couldn’t believe how wide it is. As a Filipina, my perception of a lake would be like my husband’s description of a pond. Awfully small.

Lake Michigan didn’t fit in any of that especially in the small part.

If you ask me, I would call it an ocean pretending to be a lake in the middle of North America. Huh, scholarly friends I know you wouldn’t agree to that because it is still a lake through and through.

Fine, it’s a lake then. Haha.

It was my second time seeing the gentle giant. It still leaves me dumbstruck. The amazing thing about it, it’s a natural lake and it’s monstrous- in size but in a very good way.

It’s like you’ve been transported to the west coast. Let’s say in Los Angeles with all the boats you can see around you. But nope- you’re still in the Midwest.

If you don’t believe me that it’s THAT BIG.

At least, let me show you the lighthouse.

That’s just one of them.

I’ve only seen a teeny tiny bit of Lake Michigan like just a tip of my fingertip. It’s also why Chicago bagged the name as the “Windy City” because the Lake Michigan is partly and proudly the one to blame. The strong cool winds comes from the lake itself and its a great regulating body of water against extreme temperatures at the middle of the huge continent.

You can see big waves in the water as if like I said you are looking at the ocean but then it’s really not lol.

It’s one of the Five Great Lakes, only second when it comes to size compared to the Lake Superior which is shared by Canada and United States. Lake Michigan however is the only great lake within the United States that isn’t shared with Canada.

Lake Michigan is shared by the states of Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and of course Illinois. The lake isn’t named after the state Michigan instead it came from the Ojibwa word mishi-gami (great water or large lake). Ojibwa or Ojibwe is one of the indigenous groups in North America and the fourth largest population among the Native American tribes.

There is no better way to enjoy and explore the Lake Michigan by boating in it of course.

The waves are also there to make sure we got our welcoming bumps, especially when you chose to have a speedy ride like we did and some scenic sights of course.


Strong cold winds + bumpy waves + speed + fast music = fun

We ended up being wet after the ride… no kidding, my husband had to change his shirt.

We were grinning like fools the whole time because of that and we were shivering and looking like wet seals lol.

This is what made our quick Chicago trip as one of the best trips we had together so far because of this spontaneous, unplanned and impromptu moments that makes life so good and enjoyable.

Here are the rest of the pictures:

I know, you wouldn’t really appreciate it without some action. So here it is:

A summary video of our quick trip (two days) in Chicago.






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