New York

The Statue of Liberty

A visit of a lifetime. 

An experience that will linger forever. 

She is not only iconic. She is quintessential. 

The embodiment of burning desire for freedom, liberty and especially friendship among nations.  

I dare say she is the most American we know of and contrary to popular belief. Yes… she is actually an Immigrant herself. A Mademoiselle.

She was given as a gift from the French people (not by the government) and was built in France. Marking the centennial celebration and a gesture of colossal friendship between the two great nations. She was then reassembled from pieces once her ship docked and her pedestal ready in New York. 

Her name was originally “Liberty Enlightening the World”. 

You can say she is a cousin of the Eiffel Tower. She was designed by the French Sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and built by Gustave Eiffel. The statue was dedicated on October 28, 1886. 

If Atlas is heaving carrying the weight of the world (or the celestial sky) on his shoulders. The Lady stands erect and proud of carrying the torch for everyone to see. The torch is so symbolic that she became dear to our hearts especially to her fellow immigrants. 

We all know there was a huge influx of Europeans (more than 12 million) who fled to America seeking for refuge, second chance, just starting out or with the best hopes of finding their best shot in life. “Fresh off the Boat” or the FOBs the term as we may call it today was born here. 

The first thing they will laid their eyes on is The Lady, she was originally and supposedly made to be a lighthouse. But she was meant for something else. Her purpose was so much more. She welcomed the immigrants to their new life in the land of dreams “The America”. I can imagine many tears, smiles and relief the moment this happened in the past. 

Bringing them hope or salvation or a fresh new start. This is even before they step into Ellis Island. Specifically in Castle Clinton for screening and inspection or their version of customs and immigration station of that time in the late 19th century up to the early 20th century. Believe it or not, others were turned away and have to return to Europe. 

Visiting the Statue of Liberty was my first choice among the many attractions that comes with living here in the United States. For me, it is a special event although Los Angeles was my port of entry last June 9, 2016. Still, The Lady upholds that deep meaning to me and also for embracing my transition of becoming an American that will happen in the very near future. 

I feel I was like being summoned by her. Before I met my husband, I had that uncanny feeling I will be leaving my home country and move to the United States. I know it sounds weird now, but it honestly just hit me one day while riding a Jeepney. I just had that feeling. Of course, I don’t know how it will happen. 

Going there is relatively easy. For our 5 days New York Trip. We individually purchased advance tickets instead of getting a multi-entry pass. It depends on how many attractions you want to see. Create your list and their opening times and corresponding fees. In our case, it was more practical to purchase the tickets individually and we also enjoyed getting a few VIP tickets that really saved us time avoiding long queue lines. 

You just got to visit the official websites of each attraction you want to visit. Same thing with your visit to the Statue of Liberty. We printed it at home and voila just present yourself on time. We weren’t able to get the Crown Pass since they run out very quickly and they are limited. If you want to secure this, purchase the Crown ticket few weeks in advance. 

I also suggest to give a leeway for your visit and to dedicate the whole day on that part, Lower Manhattan. We managed to see Trinity Church, Wall Street on our way to Battery Park and Statue of Liberty. In the late afternoon, we also get to visit The National 9/11 Memorial and Museum and earlier that night… Brooklyn Bridge. We did them leisurely all in one day. 

The tickets on the official website with the visit of the Statue of Liberty is already accompanied with the Ferry from Statue Cruises. You can choose if you wish to visit the other attractions in the island. Anyway, we purchased the ticket with a Pedestal Access. 

The whole process visiting the Statue of Liberty is efficient, relaxed and fun. Be sure not to bring heavy bags especially backpacks. They have an airport style security with X-rays. If you want to have a smooth pass, just bring minimal things. They will of course ask for your identification. I showed my green card. The passport is of course sufficient enough. 

The official queue starts here until they will lead you (the staff) to the ferry departure point. You can have a bathroom break to save you time before you hop on to the ferry. They will accept your admission only 15-30 minutes before your time of departure. We tried to go earlier but nope, it doesn’t work that way. 

If you arrive a lot earlier than what’s on your ticket. You can roam around in the gardens or in the park to kill time or relax and watch the ferries leave. It’s part of the fun. 

For others who haven’t purchased a ticket online or in advance. You can also buy it here. 

This is Castle Clinton in Ellis Island. It was an island before but now with our advanced technology is a part of the mainland (just in case you’re wondering) and sitting next to the Battery Park. The departure point to your visit to the Statue of Liberty. 

Today, it is overrun with tourists with long yet fast queues to visit the Liberty Island where the Statue of Liberty is. But in the past, it was a whole different story. It was overcrowded with immigrants and with painfully long and slow queues hoping to get approved and start their new life. The unloading of people doesn’t seem to end. It is hard to imagine today but just think of how horrendous their experience must be. 

Of course a wash of relief and tears of happiness once they knew they got approved. Aaaah… I know the feeling. 

The ferry ride was amazing and smooth. You can see New York from a different angle and the whole setting was just picturesque. You’ll get crazy taking pictures and once you get a glimpse of The Lady you just can’t help but swoon. Her imposing figure gives you goosebumps and here’s hoping she can spare you a few of her secrets. She knows a thing or two about life kinda like Mona Lisa… eh. 

With her fiery eyes and enigmatic grin. She knowingly demands attention. We are happy to obliged. The apple of our eyes. 

Aannnd she just gets closer and closer…. 

The landing port in Liberty Island. It only takes a few minutes. The process was really efficient. 

You can see how circular of course the island is. It is a very small island. So you just follow the clear path already laid out for you. There are a lot of benches and tables around. Even green grass to seat on, it was a hot day when we visit so it was the blazing heat of the sun that limit our energy. 

We grabbed a quick lunch and a much needed break in a restaurant before we went to our one of a lifetime experience of seeing the Statue of Liberty up close. When you follow the clear-cut path (do the walk leisurely – really take your time), it can lead you to another building next to the Statue of Liberty so it’s hard to miss where. You have to pass screening and security again like in the airport. This is for you to reach the final access and get inside the Statue of Liberty and the museum dedicated for its symbolic and meaningful history.

Lemonade everyone. We deserve this. It was hooooot that day. 

I get to keep the memento. The Statue of Liberty cup lol. I am such a tourist. 

Finally our best moment… of being up close and personal with The Fiery Lady. Best expressed through photos. Enjoy! 

Enjoy the scenic and memorable walk of a lifetime. This is where you’ll have plenty of chance to snap that Instagram picture. The Lady is in her element being on the pedestal. A stark contrast to the blue sky and it just overwhelmingly delights the senses. A feast to the eyes.

The beauty of New York completely surrounds you. We are talking 360 degrees no less.  

On our way to the pedestal. There is a small museum inside. For history buffs this is for you.  

A look of the iconic torch. 

The whole Liberty Island is shaped like this… 

Yaaay… I found her face. 

We enjoyed a quick tête-à-tête!

I finally know her secrets and why she summoned me. Awww… she wants me to live here in America. 

What a big foot! 


The pedestal access… 

There she is… and marvel the scenic views down below. 

The beauty that never age. Her green color skin doesn’t mean it is a representation of a “green dollar”. She is made of copper plates and the long exposure being outdoor or in the air pave way to oxidation (a natural weathering process) and a chemical process turned her into green. Copper has a natural dull brown shade. So she was originally brown. 

The lower levels of the pedestal… oh no we’re almost done. 

The park surrounding the Statue of Liberty. Yes to shaded oasis on sunny days. 

You can spot New Jersey and Lower Manhattan in the distance. It was so picturesque. You can’t resist it for a snap. 

To wrap up my post. She is a force to reckoned with. One of the keys to the mystery of life.

You haven’t truly seen New York if you miss her. I chose New York as our first travel destination because living here in the United States for two years now… it has always been my dream to meet her. She completes the puzzle for me in becoming American someday. My fate made me closer to her and I can’t deny how marvelous she looks in person. It was an extraordinary experience for me. Hoping that it will be the same for you. 


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