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First Snowfall

December 7, 2016

Just two days before my 25th birthday. I had one of the best moments of my life. I’m not talking about the wedding here (because I’m already married and that’s also one of the best moments too).. but this one was so unbelievable that I even heard myself speaking gibberish when I played back the video I took capturing the whole experience.

The moment was so magical. It’s exactly the perfect 25th birthday gift I wasn’t expecting to have. It is when one of my dreams as a girl from a tropical country just came true. It is when the universe finally heard my prayers and poured out these beautiful heavenly white fluffy things or simply called as “snow”. Lol.

We woke up at around 8 in the morning, it started like an ordinary day until my husband told me that there is a chance it will snow anytime. So I did my usual morning routine: make some coffee to fight the morning sleepiness (I’m not a morning person because according to myself; morning is the best time to sleep) and open the curtains to let the sunshine inside (although it’s not very sunny). Then just about an hour or two later, I passed through the tall windows and have seen something very out of the ordinary happening outside.

It’s snowing!!! SNOWIIIINNNNG!!!

I just can’t believe my eyes…

So I went outside without even thinking that I am only wearing slippers and thin clothes. Our heater is on inside the house so you get to wear basically whatever. Yes, it is freakishly cold but I don’t care. I did my happy dance while reaching for the snow. I have my phone with me and texted my husband immediately that it’s snowing.

It was hard to type because the cold finally caught up with me. I felt my hands went numb and looked pinkish. So I hurriedly went inside the house to get my winter coat but my hands felt so painful I have to stop in my tracks and do something to warm them. It didn’t take me long and I was able to get back outside and even took some videos and selfies and sent them right away to my husband, parents and best friend. Sharing this wonderful moment I have with them. Also worth mentioning that the cold breeze made the chimes sang wildly (it actually sounded like a Christmas song..) the whole moment was just so perfect and magical that I keep telling myself “Oh good God, I must have done something great in my past life to deserve this!”

My husband arrived for lunch and caught me and our dog playing outside with the snow. He even volunteered to capture my first moments with our camera. I have my gloves on and wearing a winter coat but still forgot to wear boots lol. I am wearing my winter house slippers (looks like a bunny and has cute ears) but totally not a good idea to wear outside. It got soaking wet and turned a little dirty because of the mud from the snow.

Now, time to describe the snow from a tropical girl perspective. So the snowfall I experience is the first one this year so typically and understandably the snow was really small and there is no presence of snowflakes yet. That’s my second follow-up dream: seeing snowflakes. Lol. Oh, and also making a snowman and snow angel.

Okay, so let’s go back to the description before I get distracted again lol. When I touched the snow, the first thing that comes my mind was that it feels and looks like a shaved ice. It was so fine like how fine the white sand it is in Boracay. My husband told me to taste it, I thought he was joking at first but he’s not. So I did and it tastes exactly like the shaved ice when you make a halo-halo.

The snow wasn’t thick enough that time because it’s the first snowfall of the year. It stick in the ground only in two days but it was so pretty outside that I can’t resist opening the curtains in the living room. So I can always look at the view and still be warm and cozy inside.

I just had those surreal moments of my life and I know there will be more to come. Life can best surprise us when we least expect it. So like what my husband told me.. “you are deserving every bit of it”. So there you go, there are things we should enjoy it while it lasts like a beautiful day for a snow and the magic that comes with it. 🙂

My First Snow Experience 

Hope you enjoyed the short video. See you in my next blog!











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