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Last week, I find myself a little emotional again. Do not judge me. This is not my extended homesickness story. I know you will understand me by saying I just finished watching Friends and Gilmore Girls on Netflix the same week. THE SAME WEEK! There, I said it! See, too many emotions… (and I am only one.)

These shows were like my “comfort food” and helped me get through my first 6 months. I really can tell you that I have found shelter in them when my emotions were like sandstorms.

Gilmore Girls made me cry but happy inside, it is a brave show that daringly shows the realities of life. That we don’t always get our way no matter how smart and beautiful we may be and that life can be so cruel but also gentle and sweet. Quirky and fun. Friends just literally made me laugh. It is very light like you don’t even need your wits to watch this show but you just get it.

It teaches you that life is humorous enough, sneaky, tricky yet it can be damn funny. It reminds us to laugh in the middle of our struggles and that we are stronger with the presence of our friends and loved ones. To laugh away our problems and face them headstrong. That jokes can be on us but let’s play them well anyway.

These shows were like my “snow angels” in a cold cruel winter (although I am loving winter and it’s not cruel so far.) Thank you Gilmore Girls and Friends until we meet again. (It is just weird how coincidentally they ended in my 6 months of being here in the United States.) I have been watching them alternately and watching them end just bites.

Anyhow, last night we started watching the show Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown. It is a very good show. There is food, travel, culture and history in it (even politics). What more can you ask for? I am actually dying to see the Manila episode. I heard he featured Jollibee in it. Okay, let’s not start talking about Filipino food here. The craving is crazy. Change subject.

Let’s talk about SNOW ANGELS!!!

Finally, last Saturday it snowed enough to make one. It was so cold outside that we spent the day inside the house doing the “Christmas Cookie Baking Marathon.” We opened the curtains and what a beautiful sight to behold! Snow is everywhere… 

We went outside for a little bit because my husband wants me to experience what he calls a “really cold winter day”. It is undeniably cold… but I enjoyed it because finally I get to see what real snowflakes are like. They can’t be captured in picture or video because they melt away so fast or crumbles right away and they were so tiny. I got so lucky that I have borrowed my husband’s black winter coat that time so when they fell into it I can see them. They are not as perfect as we have imagined. So what we see in the malls as decors or in the television shows were actually just idealized versions of them. Still they are very pretty. Each differs from each other like our fingerprints.

We’re done baking by 8 in the evening. Tired and hungry we decided to eat real food for dinner (we have been eating cookies the entire time). Bacon and eggs. It was snowing so hard and my husband went out and I followed him. We stayed in our front porch and watched the snow doing its magic. It is cool to see that without the snow in the ground. The evening would be pitch black. The snow emits light and sparkly. They are just so beautiful to look at.

It is pretty dangerous to go outside with a frozen or icy ground. The ice makes the ground so slippery and treacherous. You have to be very careful when walking down the stairs or ground that has a downward slope. I slipped twice and its even on a flat surface. Falling my butt hard on the ground when I was chasing Ranger, our dog who loves to play with snow. You should walk like in shuffle or how penguins walk as if you’re flat footed or something. That way you will not slip easily…

Contrary to popular belief in the Philippines: It is not always blissful if you are living in very snowy places. Most of your time is spent on shoveling, shoveling and shoveling. It is also your responsibility to take care of your property and if someone slipped in your place, injured and should go through hospitalization. The person will be well taken care of under your name and pocket.  

When we woke up the next morning, my husband brought a pail of water outside to melt the ice on our stairs and pavement. Rock salts are also commonly used.

It is also dangerous to drive when the roads are not cleared yet. Our city manages this by applying a certain chemical or liquid which is called Calcium Chloride (still a type of salt) but used for mass melting of ice on the roads.  The “Public Works snow team” did all the preparation and have stocked tons of rock salts and gallons of Calcium Chloride to ensure the safety of the driving public. Cool huh… 

Sing with me: Tis the season to slip and fall- la la la la!! (Haha, just kidding!)

Alright, let’s get down to business. That day… finally, I was able to make my very first SNOW ANGEL! (Although, it looks like a robot a little. I know I need to practice more.)

It was fun just lying around and moving like a kid. Christmas is really not just for kids but also for a kid at heart like me. Eeehhh… okay, also for adults. 

We also went to Waterworks Park. I love it there. Just trees and hills surrounding you. You can also pretty much see the view of the city up there.

Christmas Day is so near and I can smell it.

Enjoy this short video featuring my making of SNOW ANGEL.

See you very soon and advance Merry Christmas! 🙂

Have fun you guys!


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