Valentine’s Day + Little Things

I finished two books today after two weeks: A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf and All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I’m not sure if it’s because of me or because of the books that it took me a while to finish them. Huh, it’s like saying a common breaking-up excuse: it’s not you, it’s me. After having a reading dry spell last year, it feels like there’s an inertia every time I read. I miss the feeling of being pulled in, like the books has claws and it won’t break me free. I want to be a prisoner again. So far, I am failing.

If there is one regret that I have to choose in my 20 something life. I think it would be reading late. I wish I could have done it sooner. I have only started reading after I graduated college. I’d like to think I didn’t have enough opportunities to read because books are kinda luxury in my part of the world, that and my parents are not really the reading type of people, they just don’t see the point of reading in their busy lives. Anyway, when I hit the quarter life very early like right after meeting the real world, I got really lost because I don’t want to do anything anymore with the degree I worked hard for like 5 years and I have nothing to turn to beside books to maybe help me find my way.

I don’t even regret choosing a wrong course in college. Although, if only I have chosen Psychology or Journalism or Tourism… maybe, “just maybe” I have a really good going career now. But then, I don’t regret it because losing my way was exactly the way I have been found by my husband now. Just one different move or decision would have separated us. I would not have met him and I don’t want that. I am so happy by his side that I don’t want any other realities or possibilities. I am so happy where I end up now: in the other side of the world and in his arms.

If I started reading very late in life… what more in the dating department? I was that girl who wanted my first boyfriend to be my last and will start dating only after I’m done with college. If you ask me, if it happened? Yes. My husband was my first boyfriend. Maybe, I am lucky… and I’d like to think that way. Maybe, I’m just that girl who gets it right the first time. It doesn’t mean I’ve had zero heartaches. It doesn’t work like that. But for now, let me share you our first Valentine’s together physically.

Speaking about Valentine’s, he didn’t really believe in it. The whole celebration just sounds so silly to him. I’m not surprised by this. I know he likes to have his own way. He doesn’t like me expecting things because it can ruin the surprise. He wants me to be surprised, simple as that. That is just his thing and I love it. He also thinks there should be no specific date in showing your love. It should be every day.

I remember last year, instead of sending me flowers on Valentine’s day. He chose the Leap Day instead and he could not have picked a better day. It was the perfect day and more so because I was extremely and delightfully surprised. I love leap days- they are not ordinary days at all. Imagine, if your birthday falls on a leap day. You won’t “age” that fast- at least legally on papers. I know it doesn’t work like that. Haha.

You see, I have always dreamed of receiving flowers from that special someone. It never happened to me for 23 years until I accidentally met this wonderful man online and feels like he leapt from the pages of a romance novel that I love to read. He is a lot better though because he is real. Let’s say it was a whirlwind romance. We just happened to be there in the right place at a right time. Ironically, when I was not searching for love… it was when it finally decided to find me. Maybe that’s just how it works? When you are truly ready… inside.

I have celebrated this beautiful day with my friends and family in our own little ways. Like in High School, we have this public box so students can drop love letters and will be distributed on Valentine’s Day but this isn’t only exclusive for lovers. Me and my best friends made this our little tradition, sending each other letters. I also enjoy getting chocolate or a rose from my father and my family sometimes eats out in a restaurant to celebrate the occasion.

So when Valentine’s Day fell on a working day and like any other day- my husband worked for 8 hours. I wasn’t expecting anything at all. I just told him I’m not going to cook for dinner and maybe we can just buy take-out food. But to my surprise, he went home with a bouquet of coral-colored roses. They are so lovely. It’s a nice feeling to be genuinely surprised. What a very sweet gesture from someone who doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day lol.

We went to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, it’s a fast-food chain just a few minutes drive from our house and take out 8 pieces of fried chicken, some Cajun fries and biscuits. Their fried chicken reminds me of Jollibee for some reason, it’s why we are kinda frequenting to eat in this place. They have Cajun rice to go along with the chicken. I still prefer my Jasmine rice, it’s why… this Valentine’s, we decided to bring home the food. So I can eat it with my hands in the comforts of our home. Haha. I know it’s a very Asian thing to do…  So there it goes.

Our Valentine’s wasn’t anything grand. For me, love is in the little things… it is what you do every day to each other that counts not just on some days or one special day.

Little things like how he hugs you unexpectedly from behind while you are washing dishes or cooking, or how he lets you have the remote control so you can choose what you like and you can watch it together, or when he makes you coffee in one weekend morning.

In this fast-changing world, sometimes you just need one to be your stability. Your lighthouse. Your ground. That is what he is to me. He is the best thing that ever happened to my life. 

He is my constant through it all… 

Remember the little things…




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