America: My New Home!

Hi, everyone. I’m a Filipina who is now married to an American. My life entirely and literally flipped when I met him online. Who would have thought by joining my first forum led us in finding each other? It was just like an ordinary day, it wasn’t so me to join a forum but I did. I got courageous out of the blue so I suddenly jumped in aboard the forum and immediately started or posted this thread asking some self-improvement and relationship advice. He was one of the first few members who responded right away and the rest is a sweet history.

After stressing out for 6 months from January this year for the whole visa process. Finally, my visa got approved this May 18 and on June 9, I just found myself whisked away and now living here in America. Yes, it’s like a dream come true.. until homesickness happened and reality is here again knocking my door.

Anyway, this is why I am starting this blog to be with my journey. It would be interesting to see the changes that will take place in my life as I transition to a hopefully better me. This will also serve as my cozy and pink corner on this vast online universe where I can share my thoughts, inner musings and daily amusement about life and love and million other things.

If you ask my younger self, it would be a hilarious thought to even consider moving and living in another country. But when destiny is determined to take its course; who am I stop it when it means I will be together with my soulmate who by the way just happened to be an American or let’s put it this way: someone who just happened living in another side of the world. 

Me and my husband will build a family and create a beautiful home together in our own cozy spot in this vast physical universe. So America is my new home now but I will always be a Filipina and forever will be.






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