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AUGUST 21, 2017 

Skies darkened to show the magnificence of nature, the brilliance of science and THE all-encompassing beauty of cosmos commanding our attention. Who we are to ignore it?

There is no way I can describe the experience, I can only hope with all my heart that you will get to experience it as well. Maybe someday. Some other time. How about in 2024? 

Yes, after 7 years from now… it will happen again. At least, here in the United States.

So get ready with your eclipse sunglasses! Ha- too early.

I’m definitely saving my shades for the next one.

But for now, let us have a closer look with this year’s total solar eclipse.

We all know how rare it is to see a TOTAL eclipse. So rare that there are many people all over the world who travel to chase them kinda like the ones with tornadoes lol. Of course, to Scientists and especially Astronomers this is a very exciting opportunity to have an intimate chance of a lifetime to get to know the CORONA. 

The corona is the aura of plasma or that brightness you can see surrounding the covered sun when the total eclipse happens. Corona is a Latin word for “crown”. 

You see, the corona doesn’t pop out or as well-defined because the solar surface are just too bright. 

When the total eclipse happens, this is the only time… our scholarly friends will be able to capture the corona perfectly and in higher definition without the interference of the natural brightness that comes from the surface of the sun.

We all can say: Corona, it’s your time to shine! 

They wanted to study more about why the corona is hotter than the solar surface and that it is because of the eruptions on the sun which are called CME or coronal mass eruptions that causes solar storms.

CME are different from solar flares, they are like cannon balls according to NASA whereas the solar flares are powerful bursts that can reach the Earth for eight minutes but it’s not destructive than that of coronal mass eruptions or CME and can reach Earth one to three days. 

Solar storms however can reach the earth and when its too violent can disrupt our way of life with serious consequences by destroying electricity or power grids,  satellites. radio waves, computers and whatnot. The scale can vary from a city or a country, who knows? 

Our society today rely on telecommunications very heavily. 

It can be a catastrophe. End of the world, everyone? lol, kidding. 

Alright, sorry to scare you!

If you haven’t watch the latest NOVA’s episode about this year’s total solar eclipse. I suggest to start pressing your remote button and tune in. It will explain to you why they are after the corona in greater detail lol.

Last August 21st, a lot of us witnessed it with family, friends and sweethearts. 

It was a magical moment, others call it a spiritual experience. It just made you feel so small but in a good way. That there are so many things we still don’t understand. These rare moments reminds us that the nature is our boss and will always be. This is way bigger than us. This is way beyond us.

Nature is the true bad ass.

That’s why it still baffles us – even today.

Like how it baffled and scared the first humans who walked the earth, the early civilizations and our own very own ancestors and the fright it must have given the Vikings when the skies darkened. It was funny that they thought there was a monster, a beast. Like how Chinese thought it was a dragon and must be biting or ate the sun.

It was a complete mystery and thanks to the people who have come before us. Now, we at least can fully enjoy the spectacle without being frightened by the thought of beasts. For sure, that’s not going to be fun.

I’m so lucky to finally have my first eclipse experience. What’s more amazing is… it’s a total solar eclipse which is the rarest of the rare and that many others can fully miss it happening in their lifetime. Talking about being at the right place and at the right time.

I moved here in the USA last year and the eclipse happened a year later then seven years after now, there’s another one. Yes, marking that one on my calendar…

Last time the USA have seen this eclipse was in 1918. Ninety-nine years later, here we are with cool eclipse shades that provides maximum eye protection for solar viewing.

Unfortunately, not all of United States can witness this. The eclipse cut diagonally across United States from west to east coast only covering the few lucky States.

We went to Dongola, Illinois from Kansas City to be with my husband’s family during this big event. Although, our house is also along the path of the eclipse but we chose to have an amazing company.

We are also near the area with the longest duration of totality or when the moon is covering the sun completely. Our location is absolutely one of the best there is in the whole country.

The weather was perfect. Clear blue skies, birds twittering happily and when it started to darken, the temperature cooled down and insects started making sounds thinking it’s going to be nighttime soon. The eclipse fooled them.

We are all set and ready like anticipating the bride to walk in the aisle, but this aisle is in the skies, all are looking upwards and the bride is the moon slowly and shyly approaching the sun.

Next thing we know, they are kissing each other, having their own little world, these love birds doing their enchanting mating dance and us – the audience are excited and can’t wait until their bodies become one.

The kissing started around eleven in the morning in our location.

We aren’t able to capture it with our camera because of the sun’s glare but my husband was able to capture the transition after that with the help of eclipse shades.

Alright, this is it. Enjoy!

White waiting for the corona we also played with the eclipse… just poke a hole and the sun’s shaped moon will surely entertain you. Not that you need it…

Oh, here it goes. It is slowly disappearing… but for the better.

After this shot, it went so fast and transitioned to Bailey’s beads (we weren’t able to capture that) because it happened only in the matter of seconds. Like almost in a blink of an eye and it was so beautiful. Bailey’s beads is when the craters of the moon is reflected during the eclipse. Then this came after that.

Finally, the most awaited… 




The transition was so fast moving and so beautiful it just blew us away the entire time. It was hot outside but it didn’t really bothered us. It was that worth it. After the totality, we have seen the diamond ring (looks like it literally and we didn’t catch that with our camera because it was lightning fast but you can google it) and that’s when you have to quickly wear your eclipse shades again.

We also have a few telescopes to always keep us on our toes.

I am so proud to say I have seen the solar flares in action during the peak of the eclipse or the totality.

I have seen it only in NASA’s Instagram before and it was surreal to see it live. Also, I have seen Saturn and its rings plus Jupiter and its moons few nights before that.  So we might buy a telescope because it’s just too cool not to have one.

The TOTALITY entered Illinois at 1:17 pm to 1:25 pm. Yes, it was that fast but Illinois is the state in the whole country with the longest duration of totality which lasted 2 minutes and 40.2 seconds.

You can look at the sun directly without the eclipse shades during this time.

To end this post, this is me when the eclipse just started…

I will never forget this spectacular once-in-a-lifetime moment.

I hope by writing it here in my blog. I was able to share this beautiful experience with you.

Lastly, “the next one” is actually will be on July 2, 2019 and will cover small areas in Chile or Argentina. Cruising in South Pacific Ocean during this time is more than just a good idea. It’s genius! Ahem… wedding proposals. Clears throat.

Wherever you are in this world. It is my ultimate wish, you will also get to experience this. In your part of the world… you will surely get your turn. So never miss it and enjoy basking in the eclipsed sun.



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